Public Relations

Public Relations provide a powerful third-party testimonial that connects you to the public. We develop customized media campaigns, including press kits, social media, news releases and targeted pitch letters, to get you media placements and exposure.

It’s all about synergy when it comes to integrating your marketing and public relations efforts. They may work well alone, but they work even better together. Our goal is always to support your overall marketing objectives in everything that we do. Public Relations is no different.

Our ability to create the perfect mix of new and time-tested PR methods allows us to execute truly targeted initiatives for our clients.

Strategic Planning

Creneau will create a publicity plan to maximize coverage for positive business activities and minimize coverage for negative activities.

Ambassador Campaigns

Word of Mouth marketing (aka “Marketing Buzz”) aims to get people talking about your product or service. Buzz can be created by clever, and sometimes witty, campaigns that get the attention of trendsetters or influencers who spread the message on your behalf. We create marketing buzz and use various research methods to ensure a successful marketing campaign.

Message Development

Creneau will work with you to develop the right message platform for your organization, including targeted, relevant messaging for each of your key audiences. This platform will serve as the basis for all your communications – keeping your messages streamlined and consistent.

Press & News Releases

Write and edit materials including press releases, email blasts, media alerts, annual reports, biographies and fact sheets.

Social Media PR

Online visibility opens the channels of communication which allow your brand to consistently deliver targeted messages to the consumer market. Aggressive Internet public relations campaigns leverage the popularity of new media outlets to generate greater brand awareness for your company.