Creneau measures success from a results-driven perspective, which includes increasing brand awareness, sales or other criteria mutually agreed upon between the firm and our clients. We combine a non-traditional, high impact and targeted-solutions marketing approach with today’s social media outlets to tailor a marketing plan specific to your company’s needs.

First, we define the parameters of the project. Then we brainstorm and develop ideas. We present those ideas to you and, based on your input, refine them to meet your specific needs and budget. We assemble a proposal, including pricing, samples and timing, and present the complete package to you for final approval. As our client, we will come to know, and be familiar with, your strategies and goals.

Strategic Marketing

Our clients, whether they are start-up companies or established market leaders, can count on us to provide insightful strategies that make an impact. Big ideas start with a bigger perspective.

Brand Development

People enjoy getting behind a brand and being able to believe in a company and a purpose. Creneau Marketing prides itself on ensuring brand consistency. Increasing your brand awareness will directly reflect an increase in sales numbers.

Experiential Marketing

Creneau will combine different media forms with events for a live, interactive brand experience. Live brand experiences are activities where your customers can put a human face to the brand – at exhibitions, out on the street or by creating live events. We need your consumers to not just hear your message, but engage with it, experience it and participate in it.

Market Research

Research and planning will help you and your staff to be more proactive, build much higher recognition and generate a greater number of leads than could be accomplished without a plan. Through market research, Creneau provides you with the competitive intelligence necessary to respond swiftly to changing market trends and conditions.

Product Sampling

To build product awareness, establish brand authenticity and ultimately drive sales, Creneau develops and executes sampling programs that provide targeted segments of potential customers with a taste of a brand’s identity.