Creneau Marketing, Inc. a premiere, boutique marketing consultancy specializes in non-traditional, high-impact and targeted marketing solutions for your product, service or event. Through thoughtfully designed events, unique marketing ideas and effective promotions and PR, we use an effective mix of tools to get your company noticed!
The ability to make a client a real standout in today’s competitive environment is a vital part of our service. We can do this whether the client is an individual, a global corporation or a special event. Because, we truly believe the best way for a company to achieve its goals is to analyze what makes that client unique. Our commitment to our clients is to develop tailor-made marketing and public relations strategies that will ensure the success of the company.

We strategize; then we create. Otherwise, you end up with “solutions in search of a problem”. Solutions that create opportunities happen with Creneau Marketing, Inc., because we take the time to learn our client’s business and work with them to create a smart business strategy.

We challenge convention, plan strategically and make the experience sensational and relevant. From brand launches to large-scale fundraisers, from tradeshows to in-store promotions – we do it all, as we engage our clients as stars on the stage of their marketing or event experience. We also link viral and social media into the mix to get added customer exposure and brand value.

Whether it is for brand awareness, a marketing or PR campaign, a signature event, business meeting or a cause close to your heart, your program will only happen once, so leave it up to the professionals. Moreover, if you have a new business or an already existing one where you want to maximize exposure and ultimately sales, we have the marketing or PR strategy for you.