Why Choose Creneau Marketing, Inc.

The Team
When you hire our firm, you work with the principals. In addition, because you are working with the principals, you eliminate the time and translation problems of your work, which happens when working with big agencies. At our firm, we will give your organization the best personalized service, and our best creative and strategic ideas for your marketing, public relations or event campaign.

Strategic and Creative Development
We help our clients develop innovative strategies and creative executions that hit the mark each and every time. We listen to your goals, we brainstorm and, from there, we recommend the best campaign and strategy to meet them. Our Strategic and Creative Development approach will showcase your campaign in a memorable way that will resonate with key audiences. Our approach can grow your business. Some of the methods we use are:

  • Brand Awareness and Strategic Planning
  • Special Events and Promotional Executions
  • Brand Launches and Signature Events

Integrated Marketing Solutions
By crossing all marketing disciplines, we take an integrated approach to solving your marketing problems. We are a firm that offers – all under one umbrella – public relations, promotions, marketing and event management. Although each project can be very different, we approach them holistically. To come up with the right integrated marketing solution to reach your target audience, we look at the root cause of your marketing challenge. Our goal is to be as creative and unique as possible, while staying on time and within budget. Creneau Marketing, Inc. delivers measurable, cost-effective results across all marketing disciplines and we can help you take full advantage of changing marketing opportunities.

Experiential Marketing and Social Media
Our team designs and develops campaigns that engage consumers in a holistic way, through experiential and social media marketing. Both are engagement platforms which encourage people to interact with one another, and allow brands to participate in a conversation with their audiences. We consider Events to be the original social media platform. They provide a forum for people to engage with one another to share ideas, create and participate in experiences and build relationships. Our method of utilizing social media marketing includes the following:

Social Media

  1. Engagement: Through the internet, mobile devices and face-to-face experiences.
  2. Interaction: Social media platforms and event marketing alike allow for one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many communications which can be synchronous or asynchronous.
  3. Enhancement: Through participation, audiences can become part of the experience by creating user-generated content that can be used before, during or after the event. Brands can participate in user-driven content and adjust their message real-time to drive relevance throughout the community.
  4. Internalization: Through the broadcast and rebroadcast of ideas, and sharing of experiences, audiences internalize content that deepens understanding, and creates an intellectual bond between people and information.
  5. Extension: Social media platforms provide a forum to build excitement and generate audiences before an event, and extend the conversation through the sharing of content, ideas and experiences after the event.